November 14, 2009

Weekend grab-bag: fan mail

I get a lot of email as a result of this blog. 90% of it is feedback, positive and negative, about my point of view, or adding to my point of view (which I love), consulting groups who want to network, networkers who want to meet, service providers touting their services... Even better, many times the emails have lead to discussions about some sort of a working relationship, whether someone needs my opinion or needs help with strategy, business assessment, etc. (bring it on).

But then there’s that few percentage that makes reading fan mail very interesting (and I’m using the word “interesting” broadly). When I wrote a blog about how approaching an M&A is similar to dating, a sextegenarian looking CPA from Chicago wrote me to say he wanted to connect with me on LinkedIn because I sounded “interesting and exciting”. Really, granpa?!

Note to readers, don’t ever do that.

Then there was someone by the name of “Francis Bacon” who insisted he wanted to do business with me, and sent me about 10 links about “Francis Bacon” and how a working relationship would have been fruitful. I must have wasted an hour trying to figure out if this was a real note from a real person or a blast from the past – as in a few centuries ago (I should have kept those emails).

To top them all was this one last week after I wrote about corporate partnerships and posted it on LinkedIn:

Hey Ms. Shoa,

Just saw your Linkedin question about what criteria should be considered in corporate partnerships.

My response--definitely pen!s size

You can’t make this stuff up.

Do you have any “interesting” mail you want to share? Feel free to post it in the comments section. Comments will be moderated!

Weekend grab-bag may become a regular feature on The Directive. Yay or nay?

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