June 9, 2010

Smart Grid Dynamic Pricing: Behavior Change Easier Said than Done

You might be wondering why you’re hearing so much about smart grids and smart metering lately, and what the big deal is. The big deal is that the ramifications of “smarting” US’ electric grid systems will touch upon multiple aspects of business and policy from consumer protection, to federal budget allocations, and most relevant to the readers of this blog, the opportunities it will provide for high tech companies providing services and technologies. And the show has just begun.

I was asked again by TMCnet.com to write another article about Smart Grids. It’s sure to ruffle some feathers, particularly for the players in the smart grid markets, but that should be expected about opinions about any new market with new technologies.

I’d be interested to see what everyone thinks. Here’s the link to the article.

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  1. Very good article...emphasis on awareness, education and continuous customer communication...