December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays from Kat Shoa

2010 is a wrap! And it turned out to be a great year for Kat Shoa Consulting. With several highly strategic engagements in hot markets such as Hosted Unified Communications, Smart Grid, and with environmental organizations, I'm excited to have been part of the growth and turnaround for several of my clients in a continually difficult economic climate.

By definition, strategic activities embody long-lead initiatives that don't always show immediate results. But I'm particularly pleased by the relatively immediate outcome of my work with two clients. One with which I was involved to expand the service portfolio, build up the revenue generating organizations, and completely reposition and re-brand the company which resulted in the client targeting deals that are 10 times or more larger than their average base. And another where a complete strategic repositioning and change of mission resulted in the development of a new identity and market recognition for the organization (I continue to work with this client and expect major results in 2011).

I was also honored to have been invited to moderate several industry panels in mobile media and wireless and Smart Grid for the Smart Grid Summit, ITExpo, and UCLA WINMEC.

Most of all, I truly enjoy using The Directive as the platform to communicate my business philosophy, and interact with my readers here (although I don't write as regularly as I'd like to). As a result of this, I was asked to write multiple Smart Grid articles for the ITExpo Smart Grid portal, and many of my articles were carried by various online forums.

Particularly delightful for me was IT Business Edge's recap of my analysis and criticism of HP CEO, Mark Hurd's strategies over a year after I wrote about it (I know I'm patting myself on the back here, but it's a good read).

With this, I want to thank you, my readers, for your continuing support and involvement with The Directive. You provide the energy that's required for me to keep coming back here. And I appreciate that.

All my best!

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